Publication Policy and Ethics

Ethical standards for publication in the "Journal of Basic and Applied Mycology" (JBAM) exist to ensure high­quality scientific publications, public trust in scientific findings, and that people receive credit for their ideas.


Journal of Basic and Applied Mycology (JBAM) published by Society for Basic and Applied Mycology (SBAM) is committed to publishing only original and novel material, i.e., material that has neither been published elsewhere, nor is under review elsewhere.

If plagiarism problem was found, all authors of that paper cannot submit paper to our journal. (And that paper will be removed even though it was published, and this will be noticed on JBAM home page).

Duplicate Submission

Manuscripts that are found to have been published elsewhere, or to be under review elsewhere, will incur duplicate submission/publication sanctions. If authors have used their own previously published work, or work that is currently under review, as the basis for a submitted manuscript, they are required to cite the previous work and indicate how their submitted manuscript offers novel contributions beyond those of the previous work.

Improper Author Contribution or Attribution

All listed authors must have made a significant scientific contribution to the research in the manuscript and approved all its claims. It is important to list everyone who made a significant scientific contribution, including students and laboratory technicians.


In the event that there are documented violations of any of the above mentioned policies in journal of basic and applied mycology (JBAM) by SBAM, the following sanctions will be applied:

  • Immediate rejection of the infringing manuscript.
  • Prohibition against all of the authors for any new submissions to journal published by SBAM, either individually or in combination.
  • Prohibition against all of the authors from serving on the Editorial Board of journal published by SBAM.
  • All authors of published papers are required to transfer copyright declaration form of the manuscript to SBAM.
  • SBAM reserves the right to edit all papers for style, syntax, grammar, and clarity.

In cases where the violations of the above policies are found to be particularly egregious, the publisher reserves the right to impose additional sanctions beyond those described above.

Peer Review Policy

Manuscripts are reviewed by expertise in the field of basic and applied mycological research area. Reviewers, Associate Editors, and the Editor members evaluate manuscripts for novelty in, significant contributions to, and noteworthy advances in the theoretical or conceptual bases of the scientific field. Correspondence and notifications regarding manuscripts will be through e­mail /

Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged promptly by the Editor­in­Chief.

Manuscripts will be forwarded to the Journal Editorial Board (i.e., Associate and Member Editor) who has been identified as an expert in the topic area of the paper.

Submissions will undergo initial evaluation by the Associate Editor to identify qualified technical reviewers based on the topic of the paper.

Papers will be sent to three peer reviewers for evaluation. (At the time of submission, authors may provide names and addresses of potential reviewers for their manuscript.)

Conflicting reviews or other issues affecting the final evaluation of a manuscript will be resolved by the Journal Editor in collaboration with the Editor in Chief.

Acceptance, recommended revisions, or rejection of submissions will normally occur within a two month. Authors may access the online Journal site at to monitor the progress of their paper.

Journal online all manuscripts as soon as possible after acceptance.