Society for Basic and Applied Mycology


No matter which aspect we look at fungi, they are highly diverse and versatile organisms adapted to all kind of environments. In their biochemical activities fungi show variation and plasticity of extreme types. They are of direct concern to man from many points of view. On one hand they are extreme harmful, causing serious disease in plants, in human and in animal while on the other they are highly beneficial organisms. There are no limits to the variety of useful products that fungi can produce in nature as well as in laboratories. Some of the fungi are of direct use as food such as protein rich food and mushroom which are already with big business concerns all over the world. India population being largely vegetation, fungus based protein has a great future to lesser protein hunger particularly in the weaker sections of the society.

In fact fungal exploitation for human society has already made for reaching advances in some well advanced countries. However, their useful role in developing countries can hardly be overemphasized. Even today in the era of highly defined information system, people are still unaware about the application of these novel organisms. This may be because of the luck of any origination, which makes these organisms popular among not only the scientific communities but also the common people for their betterment.

To quote Subramanian (1986) "The relevance of mycology is global as it touches every facet of man's life and progress on this planet". There are scientific organizations dealing with plant pathology, microbiology and bacteriology, molecular biology figures prominently. A challenge for the whole community of the mycologist at present is to raise the level of recognition of the importance of fungi. This required the briefing of peers in other scientific discipline and further those formulating and implanting policies. Establishment of a good society of organization, which help rather acts as bridge between the traditional research and global demand of innovations is urgently needed.

Therefore, the need to form a Society for Basic and Applied Mycology (SBAM) was felt for long time by the active mycologist working in various regions of country.

The Society for Basic and Applied Mycology (SBAM) is established in 2002, one of the oldest scientific society of the country. Since its inception, it has contributed significantly towards dissemination of research and development of mycology in the country. The society published a bi-annual journal, “Journal of Basic and Applied Mycology” since 2002 and organized a National level programs like "MICROTECH: YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD" and "WINTER SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAMME" in the country.


"To create awareness and develop scientific temperament among students and young researchers, and society"


The Society has introduced the following awards:

  • Microtech - Junior Scientist Awards;
  • Late Shri. Y.P. Sharma Memorial Senior Scientist Award;
  • Shayama Kamal Young Scientist Award;
  • Prof. G.P. Agarwal Young Scientist Award; and
  • Prof. S.M. Paul Khurana Young Scientist.

It is not an exaggeration if I say that this has been possible only by the support of mycologist like you and blessing of our senior mycologist. This is our initial effort to bring all the active workers at one platform and future growth of the society will depend upon your active and sincere corporation. I request you to encourage your students and colleagues to do so for the benefits of the subject.

With best wishes,

Prof. A.K. Pandey